Q. Why SAORI looms have only two harnesses ?

While traditional floor looms usually have a minimum of four harnesses, SAORI looms only have two—they are unconventional. In fact, SAORI is about more than weaving and should not be compared to the activity of weaving on other, conventional looms. SAORI is about dis- covering and exploring one’s true, creative self and developing a deep practice and conversa- tion with oneself and others. And, Misao Jo found that the most accessible and impactful way for people to begin and sustain that practice was through free-flowing, uninhibited hand weaving. By focusing on the most basic mechanics of weaving, achieved with two harnesses instead of multiple harnesses, but still benefiting from the versatility of a floor loom instead of a purely hand-operated loom, individuals can find a natural state of flow that encourages them to express themselves freely and weave what only human hands and spirit can. Believe it or not, but seeming limitations actually benefit human creativity and inspire innovation. In SAORI, we often say, “Plain weaving appeals to new weavers due to its simplicity and to long- time weavers due to its sophistication.”