Listening to the Cloth

Creative Fibre Workshop

Tutor: Louise Cook


Chose either:

  1. Creating a Garment following a SAORI pattern (suitable for all levels)
  2. Draping, Designing and Sewing a Garment SAORI Style (suitable for intermediate and advanced)
  • Both workshops are intended for SAORI as well as other plain, hand woven cloth.
  • The cloth guides the maker so that the designer “listens to the cloth.”
  • The cloth has a shape.
  • Our eyes and hands need to feel and consider the cloth to obtain the best design possible for the cloth and the wearer. This is very important.
  • If draping for a garment, consider whether it will be on the bias or, straight.
  • The best seams to use.
  • The best use of raw edges, selvages, and fringes.
  • Nil or as little waste as possible for the project.
Available for:National; Area/local; Travelling Tutor
Level1. A Saori Pattern (all level sewers)
2. Drape and Design (intermediate and advanced sewers)
Minimum No. of Participants4
Maximum No. of Participants5
Duration6–12 hours, one or two days
Learning OutcomesFor both workshops the sewers will have given due consideration to what is the best possible design for their hand woven cloth. This can depend on the width and length of woven cloth.

The sewers will confidently cut the cloth if needed using the SAORI method.

The sewers will create and sew using the best seams for their project.

The creators of the garments will make the best use of raw edges and fringes.

Consideration of any waste or off-cuts. Can they be incorporated into the design?

At the conclusion of the workshop, the participants would expect to take away their own choice/design of a completed garment using their hand woven cloth with nil or as little waste as possible. If the garment is not quite completed, the sewer will have a clear plan of the necessary steps to complete their creation.
Materials Required by Participants• Several metres of washed, woven cloth. The amount will be finalised between tutor and sewer.
• Sewing machine.
• Sewing notions including sharp scissors.
• Sewing machine tools.
Materials Provided by Tutor• One sewing machine as a back-up 
• Sewing notions
• Mannequins
• Iron and Ironing board
• Extension power leads; multi plugs
Materials Fee$10–$20
Advance PreparationWashed woven cloth.
Classroom FacilitiesChairs, tables suitable for sewing machines.
Suitable power outlets for the machines.
Space for mannequins
Space for laying out cloth and cuting.
Space for ironing board.
Space to move about.