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Saori looms are designed with the user in mind. They are manufactured in Japan with high quality materials and expert craftsmanship. They are the best looms for weaving Saori cloth. Saori looms are suited to everyone including those of us with different needs and creative interests.

Which is the best loom for you?

Firstly, nothing beats “try before you buy”. At my home studio and at any of my Pop-up studios I have a selection of the three most popular looms. The WX60, SX60 and the Piccolo. I can order and supply any of the others. As we are all individuals, our loom needs differ. The most popular model is the WX60 with all wood frame. If you are a taller person, the SX60H may suit you. For very limited space and light weight, the little Piccolo could be the one. These looms are all foldable and portable. 

I am happy to answer questions about any of the looms and willingly give follow-up advice and service. Contact me here.

Each loom listed here has the name and the specs for your consideration.

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We have a selection of optional accessories which extend the functionality and add features of SAORI looms:

  • Accessories for Different Needs
  • Yarn Shelves
  • Accessories for specific loom models
  • Ready-made warps
  • Warping and threading accessories
  • Weaving accessories
  • Supplemental accessories

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SAORI yarns

SAORI offers high-quality cone yarns specifically designed and produced for weaving. Different from the yarns for knitting and other kinds of handcrafts, SAORI yarns don’t go through the finishing process before distribution. In weaving, the finishing process must be done after yarns are woven into the cloth. The true value of SAORI cone yarns, especially the animal fibers such as wool, alpaca, camel and cashmere, come to feel obvious only after washing. When you create wearable arts such as shawls and clothing, the washing process before sewing is critical for you to experience the deep joy of wearing your own SAORI arts. Refer to the “SAORI: Self-Innovation through Free Weaving” to learn more about the finishing process, and enjoy the dramatic transformation of the fiber after weaving!

Concept of SAORI Yarns

  • Inspiring and Fun to Use
    SAORI yarns are produced specifically to be the optimum choice for SAORI. Our regularly stocked SAORI Classic Yarns were carefully developed to have good thickness, stability and strength to be used both as warp and weft. They come in a wide-ranging colour palette to inspire a life-long creative practice among weavers. We wind SAORI yarns on our original cones with an average volume of 160g/5.65oz, if not specified otherwise, so that the weavers can easily handle, store and distinguish the material fiber while playing intuitively with the diverse collection at hand.
  • Genuine and High Quality Material
    SAORI Classic Yarns are made with genuine high-quality materials carefully selected from different sources around the world. We offer each material fibre with 100% pure quality so weavers can enjoy the natural strengths that each fibre possesses.
  • Diverse and Eco-friendly
    We use high-quality yarns from textile factories that would otherwise be discarded because their volume is not enough for mass-production. We make careful selections out of those high-quality yarns and add more value to them by dyeing, plying and winding them into our Specialty SAORI Yarns with diverse colours and textures. Some of them are vocal in colour and texture, and this may let them be useful for occasional additions to your creative attempts both in warp and weft. Some of them are quiet and carry moderateness in design and colour, but this may let the inner creativity flow naturally out of yourself while weaving with them. Because of the nature of the production process, our Specialty SAORI Yarns have a vast variety but a very limited volume of each kind. Treasure every encounter with a Specialty SAORI cone yarn, as this may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you.

Classic Yarns

We offer regularly available Classic SAORI Yarns in a wide variety of colours and textures in the following materials:

  • Cotton: Extra Fine, Fine and Heavy
  • Organic Cotton
  • Jute
  • Linen
  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Alpaca / Camel 
  • Silk: Cultivated

Our Classic Yarns are suitable for use as warp and weft for all kinds of weaving. They are available for purchase as individual cones or assorted sets. When placing an order, please specify the yarn material, thickness, texture (if applicable), colour number/set name, and quantity (number of cones and/or sets).

Speciality Yarns

We also offer a limited supply of Specialty SAORI Yarns in a wide variety of colours and textures in cotton, wool, rayon, acrylic, metallic and other synthetic fibers. These Specialty Yarns are suitable for use as warp and weft for all kinds of weaving. Because of the wide variety and limited availability of each kind, we cannot offer sample images of all individual Specialty SAORI Yarns. They are available for purchase as randomly assorted sets in the following four material groups: Cotton, Wool, Silk and Synthetic. Specify the desired material group when placing an order. These assorted sets of Specialty SAORI Yarns are popular among curious and open-minded weavers, who appreciate the excitement of opening the package and receiving unexpected inspirations from the yarns. Some comment their creative mind was expanded by weaving with the yarns included in the set, which they would not have chosen if they picked individual cones by themselves.

Eco-Friendly – We use yarns from textile factories that would otherwise be discarded to create our unique Specialty SAORI yarns.

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SAORI books

We offer the following books to support your Saori weaving journey:

Saori: Self-Innovation through Free Weaving by Misao Jo & Kenzo Jo.
I often refer to this book when I’m weaving and it always inspires me. It begins with the Philosophy of Saori Weaving, continues with Practical Guides to Saori Weaving. Next is a section on making clothes (16 Patterns) and lastly, The Path I Followed by Misao Jo, the founder of Saori Weaving.

The next three books are pattern books. All the books contain excellent illustrations and clear diagrams and measurements. Saori clothing is along the lines of origami and has little to no waste making the garments you create very desirable and environmentally friendly.

  • Beginners’ Saori Clothing Design by Saorinomori (English)
  • Intermediate Saori Clothing Design by Saorinomori (English)
  • Saori: Shitate-no-Hon by Saori Leaders Committee. (Japanese only)

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