Q. What makes SAORI looms special and different from other looms?

The simple answer is twofold: accessibility and flow. All SAORI looms and accessories have been designed with one primary goal: to be as easy and comfortable to use as possible and best suited for exploring one’s creativity. This purpose is embedded in each and every SAORI loom. Through their design, SAORI looms and weaving accessories make an unparalleled flow of weaving possible for anyone, regardless of age, previous experience, and physical and intellectual capability. Every design aspect carefully considers the human body and experience so that within a matter of minutes and lasting for a span of hours on end, one can sit down at a SAORI loom and feel the ease, joy and satisfaction of being able to express oneself. When using a SAORI loom, the weaver finds a natural rhythm with the loom, becoming fully immersed in a state of flow and becoming one with the cloth itself.