Q. What are the differences between each loom model?

Refer to the comparison chart below to see all available features and options. Wooden frame models are popular for their classic style, while metal frame models are popular for their durability, especially if transported between various locations and used outdoors. The de- signer’s favorite, which is starred, is the SAORI CH60 for its compact design, ease of use and maximum comfort provided while weaving.

Features / ModelCH60*SX60WX60WX90Piccolo40
Weaving Width60cm60cm60cm90cm40cm
Frame MaterialWoodMetalWoodWoodMetal
Multiple Height Settings5 settings *12 settings
Optional Height Extender5cm *2*35cm or 10 cm5cm or 10cm
Optional Accessories for Different Needsyesyesyesnono
* Designer’s Choice
*1 Available only with the optional metal Flat Pedal Beam for Wheelchair attached
*2 Leg Attachment for CH60
*3 Choose SX60H for a taller model (SX60H is 5cm taller than SX60)