SAORI WX90 Wider Model

This loom is a wider version of SAORI WX60 looms (assembly required). SAORI WX90 was developed as the second loom for long-term SAORI practitioners who would like to explore a new possibility on a loom with more weaving width. This model maintains elegance and features similar to those of the popular SAORI WX60.

Weight: 16.5 kg
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  • High quality Japanese cherry wood frame makes a very stylish foldable loom.
  • The warp is controlled by a resistance brake instead of the wire tension brake featured on the SAORI SX60.
  • Deepest weaving area, in comparison to other SAORI looms available.


  • Width: 105cm (41.4”)
  • Depth: 76cm (30”) / 30cm (11.8”) when folded
  • Height: 99cm (39”) / 106cm (41.7”) when folded
  • Weight: 16.5kg (36.3 lb)
  • Weaving Width: 90cm (35.4”)

Included Accessories:

  • 1 Reed (5 dents/cm = 12 dents/inch);
  • 2 Harnesses (incl. 420 wire heddles);
  • 1 Boat Shuttle (medium size);
  • 15 Bobbins;
  • 1 Bobbin Winder (built-in);
  • 1 Warp Control Pedal with hand lever attachment;
  • 1 Reed Hook;
  • 1 Heddle Hook;
  • 1 Clipping Rod with Cords;
  • 1 Tying Rod with Cords;


Width 105 cm
Depth 76 cm
Height 99 cm
Weaving Width 90 cm