SAORI SX60 Foldable Model

The SAORI SX60, with its combination wood and metal frame, is our longest- selling foldable model. Easily fold and unfold the loom for transport and storage without any additional assembly. It has excellent durability and stability while being lightweight and versatile for portability and use in different environments.

Weight: 15 kg
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  • High quality Japanese cherry wood and metal frame.
  • Folds easily for transport and storage.
  • Built-in bobbin winder & shelf.
  • The warp control pedal lets you advance the warp while remaining seated.
  • Wire heddles have larger holes/eyes to make threading easier.
  • A SAORI Ready-made Warp is set up on the loom so that you can start weaving once you finish the assembly.


  • Width: 77cm (30.3″)
  • Depth: 70cm (27″) / 23cm (9″) when folded
  • Height: 100cm (39.38″) / 108cm (42″) when folded up Weight: 15kg (33.1 lb.)
  • Weaving Width: 60cm (23″)

Included Accessories:

  • 1 Reed (5 dents/cm = 12 dents/inch);
  • 2 Harnesses (incl. 420 wire heddles);
  • 1 Boat Shuttle (medium size);
  • 15 Bobbins;
  • 1 Bobbin Winder (built-in);
  • 1 Warp Control Pedal (built-in);
  • 1 Reed Hook;
  • 1 Heddle Hook;
  • 1 Clipping Rod with Cords;
  • 1 Tying Rod with Cords;
  • 1 Ready-made Warp (150 threads x 6m/6.5yds)

Available in two heights

The SAORI SX60H (left) has longer metal legs, which raise the position of the breast beam 70cm (about 27 inches) away from the floor. This is 5cm (about 2 inches) higher than the standard SX60 model (right), making the SX60H model comfortable for taller weavers. The SX60H model also has the capability to set another warp roller so you can enjoy double beam weaving by purchasing an extra warp roller.


Width 77 cm
Depth 70 / 23 folded cm
Height 100 / 108 folded cm
Weaving Width 60 cm