SAORI: Self-Innovation Through Free Weaving

saori: Self-Innovation through Free Weaving
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By Misao Jo & Kenzo Jo

This book is an invaluable resource for learning about all aspects of SAORI, including its history and philosophy with translations of the founder Misao Jo’s original writing as well as illustrated warping and weaving techniques. Start your own journey of self- discovery and self-innovation through SAORI.

I often refer to this book when I’m weaving and it always inspires me. It begins with the Philosophy of Saori Weaving, continues with Practical Guides to Saori Weaving. Next is a section on making clothes (16 Patterns) and lastly, The Path I Followed by Misao Jo, the founder of Saori Weaving.

This book is beautifully written and illustrated and a must have for a Saori weaver.

148 pages