SAORI CH60 Classic Model


The SAORI CH60 is the designer’s choice for its elegant style, compact design, ease of use and maximum comfort provided while weaving.

Size: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 16 kg
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  • Durable body made of high-quality Japanese cherry wood.
  • Built-in bobbin winder and shelf.
  • The warp control lever lets you advance the warp while remaining seated.
  • Wire heddles have larger holes/eyes to make threading easier.
  • A SAORI Ready-made Warp is set up on the loom so that you can start weaving once you finish the assembly.


  • Width: 83cm (32.7”)
  • Depth: 61cm (24”)
  • Height: 99cm (39”)
  • Weight: 16kg (35.3lb)
  • Weaving Width: 60cm (23”)

Included Accessories:

  • 1 Reed (5 dents/cm = 12 dents/inch); 2 Harnesses (incl. 420 wire heddles);
  • 1 Boat Shuttle (medium size); 15 Bobbins; 1 Bobbin Winder (built-in);
  • 1 Warp Control Lever (built-in); 1 Reed Hook; 1 Heddle Hook; 1 Clipping Rod with Cords; 1 Tying Rod with Cords;
  • 1 Ready-made Warp (150 threads x 6m/6.5yds)
Wire Heddles

Original Wire Heddles

The wire heddles featured on SAORI looms have larger holes/eyes compared to regular ones. This makes the threading process a lot easier!


Built-In Bobbin Winder

The bobbin winder already built into each SAORI loom is very useful! With it, you can wind and spin yarns and even make rope!

Inside set

Unique Inside Set

The unique feature of the Inside Set on all SAORI looms allows you to remove one piece from the loom while it is still in progress and put another piece in its place. In this way, you can continue several pieces at the same time without purchasing another loom. Extra Inside Sets are also very useful when multiple people would like to use the same loom to work on different pieces simultaneously.


Width 83 cm
Depth 61 cm
Height 99 cm
Weaving Width 60 cm