Ready-Made Warps

Ready-made Warps

Our innovative Ready-made Warps minimize the often intimidating and time-consuming nature of the warping process. Regularly stocked Ready-Made Warps are available in black because contrary to the usual idea of a blank white canvas, Misao Jo learned that a black warp allows most colours to stand out and frees a weaver’s mind. The longest available Ready-Made Warp has a length of 30 meters (33yds) so you can thread once and enjoy weaving a long, continuous piece or several pieces all on the same warp. All SAORI Ready-Made Warps are produced manually with attentive care.

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Ready-made Warps

• Colour: Black
• Material: Cotton or Wool

Cotton is more popular for its durability and stability: less possibility of breakage while weaving and less amount of shrinkage after washing. The stable nature of cotton warp enhances the appeal of the different materials used as weft. Wool is chosen for its lightness and pleasant feel resulting in dramatic shrinkage after washing. Wool warp is generally more delicate than cotton and may require more attentive care to avoid and fix breakages while weaving. Refer to the book “SAORI: Self-Innovation through Free Weaving” to learn how to avoid and fix the broken warp threads you may come across.

• Number of Warp Threads: different widths, up to 450 threads

50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 and 450 threads
* 4 different widths up to 200 threads are available for a SAORI Piccolo40.
* 6 different widths up to 300 threads are available for a SAORI CH60/SX60/WX60.
* 9 different widths up to 450 threads are available for a SAORI WX90. The Ready-made Warps with 350, 400 and 450 threads are supplied as two rolls to be set side-by-side on a loom.

Ready-made Warps special edition

• Warp Length: 4 different lengths, up to 30 meters/33 yds

6m / 6.5yds, 12m / 13yds, 20m / 22yds, 30m / 33yds

To determine warp length for weaving you must allow for take-up (shrinkage in the actual weaving process), shrinkage after washing and loom waste which is the amount of yarn needed when tying onto the loom. These amounts need to be added to the desired length of the finished woven cloth. It is fairly standard for the take-up and shrinkage to add 20% and additionally the loom waste to be about 50cm. Be aware that the longer warps should be carefully maintained and broken warp threads must be repaired as soon as they are discovered so they won’t interfere with your weaving process. Also add an extra 10-30% to account for take-up and shrinkage after washing when deciding the width of the warp.

Please specify the material, width and length when placing an order.

* Special colour Ready-made Warps are also made in limited editions.