Classic Organic Cotton

organic cotton set
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100% Organic Cotton, 180g per cone available in 6 natural and natural mud-dyed colors and 3 weights (1-ply Straight, 3-ply Straight and 3-ply Bouclé)

Organic Cotton Set, 18 cones

  1. Natural 1-Ply Straight
  2. Natural 3-Ply Straight
  3. Natural 3-Ply Bouclé
  4. Brown 1-Ply Straight
  5. Brown 3-Ply Straight
  6. Brown 3-Ply Bouclé
  7. Green 1-Ply Straight
  8. Green 3-Ply Straight
  9. Green 3-Ply Bouclé
  1. Gray 1-Ply Straight
  2. Gray 3-Ply Straight
  3. Gray 3-Ply Bouclé
  4. Yellow 1-Ply Straight
  5. Yellow 3-Ply Straight
  6. Yellow 3-Ply Bouclé
  7. Pink 1-Ply Straight
  8. Pink 3-Ply Straight
  9. Pink 3-Ply Bouclé