The SAORI WX60, the upgraded model of the SX60, is made of beatiful wood and is foldable for transport and storage. The WX60 has an improved stylish design while maintaining the same or better features of the popular SX60.


  • High quality birch wood frame makes a very stylish foldable loom.
  • Comes with upgraded accessories such as a clipping tying rod and harness cord stoppers.
  • The new rubber friction warp control pedal and wireless frame makes maintenance easier.
  • Deeper reed race and larger space for its movement makes weaving more comfortable.
  • 1 kg lighter than SX60.


  • Width: 76cm(30)
  • Depth: 76cm(30)
  • Height: 98.5cm(39)/106(42) when folded
  • Weight: 13.5kg(29.8lb)
  • Weaving width: 60cm(23)

Included Accessories:

  • 1 reed (5 dents/cm = 12 dents/inch);
  • 2 harnesses (incl. 420 wire heddles); 1 boat shuttle (medium size);
  • 15 bobbins; 1 bobbin winder (built-in); 1 warp control leaver (built-in);
  • 1 reed hook; 1 heddle hook; 1 tying rod with cords; 1 clipping tying rod with cords;
  • 150 ready-made warp threads (150 threads x 6m/6.5yrds)

Price: $2510.00