Misao Jo


Saori weaving is a traditional form of Japanese hand weaving which was begun by extraordinary woman named Misao Jo who was born in in Osaka in 1913. Today Misao Jo is 102 years old and still goes daily to the family studio and weaves.

At the age of 57 Misao Jo grew tired of the constraints of ikebana (she was studying traditional Japanese flower arrangements where strict rules should be followed) and decided to develop her own free style form of cloth weaving which allows the weaver or artist to express their own creativity.

Saori, “Sa” means “to come from yourself” and “ori” means “to weave”. Misao Jo calls this “weaving with lack of intention” so, you make it up as you go and don’t have to follow a complicated pattern.

This form of weaving can be done by anyone, anywhere, any time. People of any age and ability can produce their own unique creations.

Whenever I sit at my loom to create cloth I am so grateful that I found Saori weaving and was able to Misao san several times in the family studio in Izumi, Osaka. A very special person.