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Set of Wheels Warp Extension Kit
Inside Set Harness
Reed Comb Reed
Leg Attachment for SAORI 60 Height Extenders
Wire Heddles (90 Series) Harness Cord Stopper
Boat Shuttle Clipping Tying Rod
Boat Shuttle (No Spindle) Bobbins for Boat Shuttles
Sakiori Shuttle Fabric Cutter (Sakiori Cutter)
Warping Frame with Legs Warping Frame without Legs
Cross Holder Automatic Denting Hook
Heddle Hook Reed Hook
Threading Holder for SAORI 60/SX60/WX60 Optional Bobbin Winder
Cone Winding Tool Stick Shuttle
Tabletop Beaming And Threading Holder Clipping Tying Rod (WITH A PAIR OF TUBES) – Long
Winding Lever (For Cloth Roller Of SAORI SX60/WX60) Wire Heddles For Piccolo (100 PCS/BUNDLE)
Kenzo’s Dividng Bar Set