Louise has always had a fondness for fibre and fabric and enjoys the challenge of creating from ideas she might see or hear. At a young age her mother taught her to sew, to help with the mending and darn socks. Knitting never really appealed,  but crocheting was found to be much faster and enjoyable. Life happened – study, work and family commitments. She took up sewing again for her family making many of their clothes while the children were young. Then once again the creative side of the brain was put aside for more pressing matters such as earning a living to help support the family life style.

About 2009 Louise visited a local Creative Fibre exhibition and was captivated by the items on display. One of the helpers was wearing a beautiful woven vest. It was at that point that she knew she had to make room in her life for hand craft and fibre art.

At first Louise learned about felting and was lucky enough to be able to use a friend’s studio for a few months while they were away. Many hours were spent playing and experimenting, lots of fun, discovering colours and different fibres. The beginning of a fibre stash started to happen.

This called for another craft to make use of the growing collection of fibre and fabric. Louise decided that now was a good time to learn about weaving. An introduction to the traditional method of weaving didn’t appeal and after further investigation she heard about Saori – a freestyle hand weaving method from Japan. In 2012 she attended a workshop in New Zealand given by overseas Saori tutor and was fascinated with the methods and freedom of Saori weaving.

The beginning of Louise’s Saori hand weaving journey had begun. Very soon after that she travelled to Saorinomori (the home of Saori hand weaving) in Osaka, Japan. She stayed for two weeks and learned as much as possible about the philosophies and techniques of Saori hand weaving from Kenzo Jo and his teachers. She successfully achieved Levels 3, 2 and A from the Saori Hand Weavers Testing Association. With these qualifications, she is authorised to teach Saori weaving in New Zealand  Louise is the authorised local distributor for all Saori looms, threads, books and accessories within new Zealand.

What is most appealing about Saori hand weaving is that it encourages creativity as the weaver is not conforming to rules and regulations, there are none! You are not following someone else’s pattern or design. It is very easy to become engrossed in the act of creating and rhythm of hand weaving. The textile that is fashioned on the loom is unique and lends itself to the challenge of “What can this become?”

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